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Dietro il Nome

Behind the Name

In Italian CIBOSANO literally means "Wholesome Foods"

We believe passionately that by delivering directly from the finest Italian food manufacturers, we provide our customers with premium quality Authentic Italian Foods Full of Goodness and Flavour.

Our foods come from producers whose philosophy is quality too. They use artisan skills, age-old recipes and the finest ingredients. This shared philosophy for wholesome quality, together with our long-standing experience in the Italian food business, mean our suppliers and their brands are proud to be associated with the Cibosano name.

Like you, we care a great deal about preserving the authenticity and individuality of the foods we choose. We believe passionately that it’s these pure flavours and unique delicacies that inspire us all to eat well, enjoying nutritious and Wholesome Foods that increase our wellbeing.

  • Our Brands

  • Leoncini
  • Lazzeri
  • Golfera
  • Furlotti
  • Clai
  • Mauri
  • Auricchio
  • Peck
  • Pinna
  • Agriform
  • Parmareggio