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Terms & Conditions

  • The prices included in the lists are for unsold goods, and are subject to currency and market fluctuations. All goods sold by weight are invoiced at the relevant price per kilo.
  • Unless otherwise advised in writing the prices charged will be those ruling at the time of the acceptance of order.
  • All invoices are due for payment on delivery of the goods or subject to contractual agreements. Title of the goods will only be passed upon full payment being received by CIBOSANO Limited. A finance charge may be applied to overdue accounts.
  • Any default in payment may result in closure of the account and/or in legal action being taken without notice.
  • The goods must be thoroughly checked on arrival and a clear signature must be given to carriers. We are not responsible for all losses, damage or deterioration occurring after delivery has been made to the point of delivery nominated by the customer. Any shortage or breakage must be specified on the receiving note and countersigned by our carrier or delivery driver.
  • Claims regarding the quality or the condition of the goods shall not be accepted unless made in writing within 3 working days of delivery. Late claims will not be accepted.
  • The natural weight loss of products is borne by the consignee.
  • Goods requiring refrigeration must be stored in accordance with the temperature shown on the product and/or product’s fact sheets.
  • For goods despatched by Haulage Contractors, the cost of transport and the relevant VAT will be added to the net amount of the invoice. For further information and/or to apply for an account, please contact us.
  • Our Brands

  • Leoncini
  • Lazzeri
  • Golfera
  • Furlotti
  • Clai
  • Mauri
  • Auricchio
  • Peck
  • Pinna
  • Agriform
  • Parmareggio